Monday, 30 March 2015

Chapter 3

She tried to hang on, he continued to buck as she felt that she could hang on no more. She was
thrown onto the ground as Leo reared just a few metres away from her injured body, she screamed in agony as a large gash on her leg throbbed with blood.
Alyssa could see Lucinda running towards her, shouting her name and quickly grabbing her phone from her back pocket, she pushes her head back into the ground and grits her teeth as shoots of pain rush through her body, then out of the corner of her eye, Jon grabs Leo, doing up his stirrups.
Richie runs towards her as well as she tries to stand up, she falls back down as streams of puss and blood flow out of her leg.
"Am I dead?" was her only thoughts as Lucinda frantically tried to call the emergency services, the ground was rock hard and she fell on a rather stony path that was now red. Her blood.

Richie could hear the faint cries of a siren and ran towards Alyssa, she was crying out in pure pain and there was nothing that he could do about it. Though, a couple of minutes later a ambulance arrived, paramedics gotten out and put Alyssa on a stretcher as Richie held the two horses, they put her in the ambulance as Jon gotten in with her. Lucinda had to take the horses back with her.

"Come on Leo, lets go home, Richie, drive the truck, follow the road, it's on the right hand side"
She got on Blu, grabbing her reins, taking Leo's as well as she started to walk towards home, Richie slowly followed in the F150, he could see that her eyes were puffy, she sniffled from time-to-time, though he could see she was worried. For Alyssa's sake.
He mumbled a prayer that she would be alright, though he was dreading the news that she would have to have surgery or something. All he could think about was her.


Jon sat in the ambulance as they sped along the highway towards the over-flowing hospital, the paramedics cut away her jodhpurs (they ride English), she was exhausted and just wanted this ride from hell to stop. Jon braced her hand as they performed various checks on her, wrapping a bandage around her gash.
Soon, they arrived at the hospital, doctors and nurses were there waiting patiently, she was taken out of the ambulance as Jon came out with her. He walked along the corridor along to the ward, ready for the doctors to assess her injuries and damage.
The world went black as she closed her eyes, she was taken to Intensive Care as Jon was taken to the waiting room.

Richie finally came toward the riding school at last, Lydia jumped off Blu, doing up her stirrups as she walked along the drive, a horse in each hand. Richie sighed, was this his fault?
He pulled up on the cobblestone yard, getting out with his head hung a little lower than usual, he could only blame himself and felt immensely guilty.
"Come on Rich, you can come and tack off Blu's tack for me, I'll do Leo"
He walked along, took Blu and lead him into the stable, undoing his girth and taking it off his back, he tried to smile as Blu neighed and flung water at his face, Blu continued to gulp down the water as he was very thirsty. He put the saddle on the door, he undone the throat lash, nose band and slipped the bridle over his head. He flung the bridle on his shoulder, picking up the saddle and walked over to the tack room.

He put the bridle onto Blu's hook and placed his saddle on top on a saddle rack. Still, he was still thinking about Alyssa, he just hoped Jon would bother phoning him sometime soon, he was getting impatient. Lucinda sighed, Lyss was her BEST friend, riding buddy and they could joke around the yard as they swept up loose straw. No, she needed to think positively.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Chapter 2

Richie huffed and puffed as he held the map in his hands, lush, green fields passed them as he scratched his chin, intently. It better not be one of these isolated places where he and Jon go to write new material for some new album, anyway, why would they go to Texas?

Jon smiled as he drove the F150 along the secluded country road, he breathed in the clean country air and hummed quietly to himself as Richie tapped his knee up and down.
"When are we getting there? We've been driving for hours, and I haven't seen a single house for miles" Richie moaned as he continued to look across the cattle-strewn fields.
"Only a few more minutes, it's quite peaceful don't you think?"
"Yeah, really peaceful. Too quiet though"
"Now where did they say it is?" Jon mumbled as he stared at the map that Richie was holding, he nodded his head and continued to look at the road that lay ahead of them.


Leo, as always, was eager to move ahead and lead, whereas Blu like to follow behind and shake his head when Lucinda wasn't concentrating, today was the perfect day, it was a pleasant temperature and the sun beat down its rays on their backs as they asked for trot. Leo liked to trot out, so did Blu, Alyssa smiled as they continued to ride down the small, quiet road.

Alyssa heard a low rumbling in her ear, it sounded like that of a engine, a large one, such as a truck. It would probably be one of the fellow farmers, wouldn't it? Then the rumbling came closer, louder, Leo stopped. As much as Alyssa tried to kick him on, moaning under her breath to tell him to go forward, she gently squeezed but it was like her horse had been glued to the floor.
"Walk on Leo, come on"
"What's wrong? Why isn't he walking on?"
"I don't know"
Then, round the corner came a black Ford F150, two men were inside and they didn't look local. Leo started to back up, Alyssa's facial expression was one full of terror and fear as the truck started to slow down. Then, a door opened, a tall man with dark, mussed, brown hair, he was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, though he slammed the door, Leo reared, the whites of his eyes were visible, she tried to grab his neck to console him.

She tried to console her horse, though it was no use, Richie walked over as Leo come to stand on all four legs.
"Phew. Thank goodness that's over"
Then, Leo started to bolt into a nearby field, and Alyssa knew this was not gonna end well.
"SHIT!" she mumbled under her breath as he started to buck.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Chapter 1

The sun rose high in the sky that morning, a perfect summers day, or so she thought but things were going to get better.
"Hey Lyss, wanna hack" Lucinda asked, grabbing Leo's tack, her feet crunching on the cobblestone's as she walked to her friend in her stable. "Sure as long as Leo is good, you know he doesn't like cars or motorbikes" Alyssa moaned as she placed on the saddle, resting it in the croup of his back, attaching the girth. 
"I'll take Blu" Lucinda replied, Blu was her favourite horse, dapple grey with a grey mane, 16hh and a personality to match.
"Come on Leo, just let me put this on you!" Alyssa whispered, annoyed. Leo was not letting her put the bit through his mouth, as always. Then, she put her thumb as the back of his mouth (I do this), then he had no choice but to open his massive mouth to her, she placed the bit in his mouth, put the headpiece over his ears and done up the nose band, tight. "Done. One tacked horse, ready and being naughty" she joked before Lucinda went to get Blu. 
"Come on you cheeky thing, ready to go hacking?" she asked, he neighed in compliance; she chuckled and led him out of the stable and onto the yard. Her feet trudged along as she lengthened her stirrups, done up his girth and adjusted her chin strap. Lucinda with a massive smile, walked out onto the cobbles as Blu followed merrily alongside, she had her red hair up, tucked underneath her hat. "Let's get on shall we?" Alyssa suggested, walking up to the mounting block, gathering her reins in her left hand and putting her left foot in the stirrup, getting on gently onto Leo's back. 

Leo walked forward, impatiently as Lucinda mounted Blu, they gotten through the gate, down the gravel drive and towards the entrance towards Apple Orchard Farm and Riding School. However as she was the owner's daughter she had her own horse. 
She looked each way twice, satisfied that there was no traffic she led Leo onto the road, these were usually very quiet, which of course made it a great place to ride. Leo neighed happily as they walked down the lane, towards the lake that they loved to go in, it was only a small lake but in the sweltering heat of Texas, it was a very pleasant surprise. 
Though, Blu did not like to get his nose wet so he held it up as Lucinda and Alyssa sang a little rhyme.
"Horsey, horsey don't you stop, just let your hooves go clippity clop, let your tail swish and the wheels go round. Giddy up! We're homeward bound"